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Record All Computer Activity

Computer Surveillance Software

See EVERYTHING your Children or Employees Do on the Computer from ANYWHERE in the World

Spector Pro 2013 eBlaster 2013

Records Every Detail of Their PC and Internet Activity.

Spector Pro 2013

Spector Pro 2013 computer surveillance software automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour and provides an easy-to-use, video-style playback tool so that you can see everything they do on the computer.

Spector Pro surveillance software also automatically records every web site they visit and every keystroke they type, plus chats, instant messages and emails sent and received. You'll always know EXACTLY what your children and employees are doing.

Know Everything They Do Online just by Checking Your Email.

eBlaster 2013

The ONLY Computer surveillance software that captures their incoming and outgoing emails, chat and instant messages - then IMMEDIATELY forwards them any email address you choose.

eBlaster 2013 surveillance software also creates an hourly Activity Report detailing all emails sent and received, chats, IMs, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, programs launched and peer-to-peer (P2P) files downloaded - then sends it directly to YOUR email address

Spector Pro 2013 - Windows - Only $99.95

Spector Pro 2013 - Mac OS X - Only $99.95

eBlaster 2013 - Windows - Only $99.95

eBlaster 2013 - Mac OS X - Only $99.95

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