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eBlaster 2013 for Mac - Remote Mac OS X Surviellance Software

Buy eBlaster 2013 for Mac OS X
eBlaster for Mac OS X

eBlaster 2013 for Mac OS X

The ONLY remote PC surveillance and monitoring software available for Mac OS! eBlaster will keep watch when you can’t be around to supervise by providing you with detailed reports of their Mac and Internet activity... Sent directly to your email Inbox. eBlaster 2013 records everything they do on the computer and automatically emails you an easy-to-read report hourly, daily or as frequently as you choose. Plus, keep informed real-time with immediate copies of their emails, chats and instant messages

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at your Mac computer monitor, recording everything that is done on your Mac. That is the idea behind the number one selling Mac Monitoring and Surveillance software, Spector Pro for Mac. Confused about Spector Pro and eBlaster? Click here to Compare Spector Pro and eBlaster Software Products.

Are Your Children: Are Your Employees:
  • Visiting inappropriate web sites?
  • Chatting with child molesters online?
  • Spending too much time on MySpace?
  • Spending all day playing online games?
  • Chatting with friends and family?
  • Really working from home?

20% of teens admit they've posted nude photos on the Internet. Are you sure your child is safe?

Employees average more than 45 minutes EVERY DAY doing personal surfing from work.

Find out today with eBlaster - the most dependable, full-featured remote surveillance software available for Mac OS X.

Monitor Your Children or Employees from Anywhere

Monitor the online activity of your children or employees from anywhere in the world: at work, in another room of your home, at an Internet Cafe, on vacation - even if you're thousands of miles away.

Install and Walk Away

Install eBlaster on the Mac you wish to monitor and walk away. It's that simple! eBlaster will immediately go to work by automatically recording EVERYTHING your children and employees do online, including:

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See Their Online Activity

eBlaster recordings are organized into an easy-to-read Activity Report that is automatically sent to any email address you choose... as often as you like. eBlaster Activity Reports can be sent to another computer in your home, your office email address or any web-based email service like Google Gmail, Yahoo mail and others.

Real-Time Notification

See inappropriate messages from strangers to your children or between employees as they occur! eBlaster Instant Notification keeps you "in-the-know" by automatically sending you an exact copy of every email, chat and instant message as they occur.

Detect Danger

eBlaster will scan your recordings for sensitive words or phrases and send you an immediate Keyword Alert via email if danger is detected

Block the Bad Guys

Now that you KNOW which web sites they are visiting, the people they are chatting with and what they are chatting about... how do you handle the bad guys? With eBlaster it's easy... just click BLOCK! eBlaster allows you to quickly block access to web sites you determine to be inappropriate and people you don't want them chatting with.

Scheduled Activity Reports

Detailed Reports Sent to Your Inbox

eBlaster recordings are organized into an easy-to-read Activity Report that is automatically sent to any email address you choose - WHENEVER you like, WHEREVER you are.

Every eBlaster Activity Report Includes:

Record All Mac Chat and IM Activity
Chats and Instant Messages
See a transcript of their chat conversations and instant messages. Know who said what to whom and when.
Are your children or employees chatting inappropriately? With eBlaster, you can prevent chat and instant messaging with any individual you deem objectionable by selecting their chat ID and clicking "BLOCK"!
Record All Web Sites Visited on Your Mac
Web Sites Visited
Review the name and address of EVERY web site they visit. Find out how much time they spend at those sites and how frequently they visit. Know if they are spending all day on MySpace, playing games online, shopping during work hours and more. See a web site in your report that they shouldn't be visiting? Just click "BLOCK" to prevent them from ever accessing that web site again.
Record All Keystrokes Typed
Keystrokes Typed
Read EVERYTHING they type on the computer, whether part of a chat conversation, an instant message, an email, a Word document, or even a password. All Keystrokes typed will be recorded and saved for you to view at any time.
Record All Email Activity
Email Activity
See all incoming and outgoing emails. eBlaster reports who sent it, who received it, the subject of the email, and the time and date the email was sent or received and much more. eBlaster even records web-based mail services such as Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and more.
Record All Mac Chat and IM Activity
User Activity
And, best of all, with the world's best Screen Snapshot Surveillance recorder, you can see EVERYTHING they do, in the EXACT order they do it, Step-by-Step. Spector Pro's screen snapshot recorder will reveal:
  • Everything they do on MySpace + Facebook
  • Every Program they run including games and iTunes
  • What they search for on Google, Yahoo and AOL
  • and much more...

Who Uses Spector Pro?

Spector Pro is appropriate for parents concerned about what their children do online, or worried about protecting their children from the dangers of the Internet.

Spector Pro is also ideal for businesses concerned about how their employees use company computers. Are your employees goofing off too much online? Sending sexually or racially offensive email jokes? Spreading company confidential information in anonymous chat and message boards? You'll find out with Spector Pro.

There is no faster or more accurate way to find out than with Spector Pro.Buy eBlaster for Mac OS X

Keyword Alerts

Instantly Alerts You of Potential Danger

eBlaster constantly scans their computer and Internet activity for words or phrases that may well be a sign of danger. If one of these keywords is detected, eBlaster will send you an immediate Keyword Alert via email.

Detect Danger and Take Immediate Action to Prevent Harm

eBlaster scans for dangerous keywords in emails sent and received, web sites visited, chats and instant messages, and keystrokes typed. Best of all, YOU decide what eBlaster should look for... explicit words, phrases that reference illegal activities, addresses and phone numbers, credit card information - or anything else that you don't want your children or employees viewing or typing on the computer. When a keyword is detected, eBlaster goes into overdrive by taking a quick snapshot of the computer screen. This screen snapshot, along with other details of the offending keyword, are immediately sent in a Keyword Alert to your email Inbox. Now you have a clear picture of EXACTLY what they where doing when the alert was triggered, so you can take appropriate action.

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eBlaster for Windows Additional Features

Convenient & Secure

With additional features such as online access to eBlaster settings and tamper-proof stealth technology you can rest assured that eBlaster is the most convenient and secure monitoring and surveillance product on the market today.

Access the eBlaster Control Panel Online... Anywhere!
Access the eBlaster Control Panel Online... Anywhere!
After installing eBlaster, you'll never have to visit the recorded Mac again because eBlaster settings can be adjusted online! Every eBlaster report includes a link to an online version of the eBlaster Control Panel where you can change the email address where reports are sent, alter how frequently reports are sent, decide what computer and Internet activities are recorded... and much, much more.
Stealth Technology

Stealth Technology
eBlaster does not show up as an icon, does not appear in the Windows system tray, does not appear in Windows Programs, does not show up in the Windows task list, cannot be uninstalled without the eBlaster password YOU specify, and eBlaster does not slow down the operation of the computer it is recording.

Buy eBlaster 2013 for Mac OS X

Buy eBlaster 2013 for Mac OS X

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- Full Version Instant Download
- For Mac OS X

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